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Omnispire Education group has over 25 years of experience in developing, operating and managing educational establishments in Dubai.

We provide operational supervision and support to our portfolio educational establishments with a focus on education best practices, quality assurance, professional training and development, finance, facilities managements, management information systems, marketing and human resources.

Omnispire Training is one of the platforms through which the Omnispire Education group aims to impact the quality of teaching and learning for teachers and students in the UAE and globally.

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Each of our courses and training programs are approved by KHDA and have been carefully designed to empower you as an educator and to ensure you stand out as a true professional in your field.


The highly acclaimed full day workshop designed and presented by renowned trainer will focus on several innovative pedagogical models for language teaching.
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Teaching Maths for Mastery

This course offers a bird’s-eye view of maths mastery by summarizing over 20 years of pedagogy research. For teachers and schools researching maths mastery, this is the perfect first step to learn the essentials.
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In this section we aim for teachers to collaborate, pose questions and share responses.

A question of the month will be posted – the responses will be judged by experienced educationists and a winner of the month will be announced.

Question Of the Month:
Identify key elements of training to really embed change in pedagogy.

Fact Of The Day

When teachers receive well-designed professional development, an average of 49 hours spread over six to 12 months, they can increase student achievement by as much as 21 percentile points.
– Yoon, Duncan, Lee, Scarloss, and Shapley, 2007


    • Gayathri N.

    Thank you so much for your support.

    • Sonya J.

    The learning environment was conducive and friendly.
    Overall it was an enriching experience getting hands on practice.

    • Sajna

    Thanks a lot for the right guidance.


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