A Unique Professional Development Opportunity
for French Language Teachers

Audience: Primary School Teachers

Date: 8th February 2019
Timings: 8:30 to 16:00
Venue Partner: Pristine Private School
(25.2936° N, 55.3750° E)
Course Investment: AED 500 (Plus VAT)
– Workshop 1 and 2
– 2 Coffee Breaks
– Lunch
– Course Materials and Handouts
– Certificate

Workshop 1: The Audiovisual Document

The teaching and Learning of a Foreign Language brings into play factors that go beyond the linguistic capacities of an individual. A language is embedded in its culture and when it is transmitted along with its cultural context the learning that takes place is organic in nature and has a greater impact in terms of both quality and time. An audiovisual document is an excellent authentic tool for contextual language learning processes.

In this workshop we will work on two aspects of the audiovisual document:
Efficient didactisation of an audiovisual document Creation of an audiovisual document for enhancement of oral expression

• Enhancement of Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression
• Criteria for selecting a useful audiovisual document
• Identifying uses of various elements for a specific purpose
• Generating exercises and activities based on the selected document

Workshop 2 : The Object – A Teaching and
Learning Tool

We are at all times surrounded by objects of various kinds in our day-to-day lives. These objects may be of functional or aesthetic nature; they may be memorabilia or simply present as an indivisible part of the process of living. They are omnipresent and therefore often invisible. These objects can be used in a variety of ways in a foreign language class. They may be used as they are in their inherent capacities, or they may be given novel personae, functions, roles and used as versatile characters in building narratives.

In this workshop we will work on two aspects of the “Object”:
Realistic use of an object to enhance written expression through an action-oriented approach Creative use of object to increase writing skills through narrative building

• Enhancement of Writing Skills and Creative Expression
• Reinforcement of description, function, importance related structures
• Creating narratives and linking narratives
• Building a term project around Object Themes

The Course Leader: Nandita Wagle

Nandita Wagle is a highly talented French Language Master Trainer and the Zone President of the Indian Association of Teachers of French. Her noteworthy accomplishments are in the field of French Language and Literature, teaching, training, translation, interpretation and writing. She has a Research Masters from Sorbonne-Paris III in Contemporary French Literature and a Masters in Translation Studies from Pune University in India. She is
currently pursuing Doctorate studies in Dynamics of Choice in Subtitling of Marathi Films in French.

Nandita’s vast experience in training French language teachers has enabled her to build a repertoire of several innovative pedagogical models for language teaching. To name a few: The importance of ‘the object’ and the use of the ‘image’ in teaching French as a foreign language; Multimedia and intercultural learning through subtitles for undergraduate students or ‘the importance of gestures in language learning for French Language teachers.

What’s more, Nandita has presented papers of her research work in France, Australia and a variety of educational platforms in India. Her papers on
Language professionals as mediators in an international space and autonomy in language learning were very well received; both in Paris and Sydney. Furthermore, Nandita’s work on video simulation and language learning has received notable recognition in the national and international context of French language teachers.

Nandita’s academic achievements are complemented by her passion for translation and the Arts. She has done subtitling for a variety of films that have been screened in several film festivals in France and India. She has had the opportunity to be the official interpreter for acclaimed artists, diplomats and dignitaries at events in France and India. Nandita is a prolific writer and has published work in French, English and Marathi. Her script, Les Jumelles du Feu: A play in French verse on intercultural dialogue was recently performed and well received by audiences at several venues in France and India.

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